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Occult Glossary - Occulted Word Definitions

(working definitions - definitions may be further perfected)

Words Defined:
* occult
* occultism
* de-occultist
* false light
* evil
* natural law
* universal aspects
* time
* mind programming
* RF weaponry
* psychological operation
* information warfare
* psychological warfare
* cover story
* cover up
* disinformation / misinformation
* shadow government
* deep state
* secret society

Occult definition
"The word occult is derived from the latin adjective occultus,
occultus means hidden from sight.[1]” ~Mark Passio

Occultism definition
“This is what true occultism is, it is the recognition of the laws that
ultimately govern the universe, and it is the study of those laws.[1]” ~Mark Passio

(Working) Occultist definition
a person who conceals and practices hidden knowledge, particularly for self gain.
The occultist seeks higher ground through superior knowledge.

De-Occultist definition
someone who reveals hidden knowledge, particularly for collective gain.
The de-occultist is an antithesis of brainwashing & illusion.

False Light definition
ideological darkness with the deceptive appearance of truth & purity

Traits of Evil - Tendencies of Evil
evil appears to be extremely hard to define in one sentence, instead I will attempt to define it in many.

a) willful intent to inflict highly grievous acts upon other beings
b) sadistic enjoyment of infliction of pain, suffering, and humiliation
c) desire to commit atrocities to innocent individuals or groups
d) desire to seek dirty advantages over opposition
e) willingness to perpetrate any crime if the situation calls for it no matter how crude or filthy
f) deception is a core tenet of evil and one of it's main advantages
g) preying on the defenseless, vulnerable, and weak
h) infectious criminality
i) fraud / falsification / hoaxes / half truths
j) intentional destruction & devastation
k) bribery / blackmail / entrapment
l) both mental and physical imprisonment
m) master - slave / handler - asset models
n) psychological warfare - occulted & weaponized psychological knowledge
o) creation of mass consumed propaganda
p) evil attracts to sources of power
q) misrepresentation & misdirection are core ethos of evil
r) ruination of opposition - counter-proliferation of shadow government heresy
s) censorship of truth
t) brainwashing untruth
u) dishonorable action
v) impure motivation
w) occultism - secrecy / compartmentalization
x) pyramid model for internal structure
y) inversion of purity
z) creators of holocausts

Natural Law definition
The mechanics of the universe, aka the laws of nature. e.g. the scientific laws of the universe.
Sentence: "the natural laws of the universe are behind creation."
Examples of Natural Law Systems:
* nature - organic mechanisms
* electromagnetism - RF energy mechanics
* sonic mechanics
* time mechanics
* neuroscience - the mechanics of consciousness / mind programming mechanics
* all forms of evolution (e.g. psychological, genetic, soulular)
* atomic nature - molecular mechanics
* the natural laws of the universe are immutably applied to every person, place, and thing in existence

Universal Aspects definition
The aspects of the universe; each individual component of reality is a universal aspect.
For example the color black is an aspect, human is also an aspect of the universe.

Time definition
time is a natural law based system - the forward movement of the present moment.
* time model: past, present, future
* time is required for creation / existence
* motion is not possible without time
* a sequence of events is not possible without time

Sentence: "time is an immutable natural law of the universe."

Mind Programming definition
Mechanics behind thought - involved in: anchors, triggers, association mechanisms,
neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), judgment, rationalization, belief, projection, ego.
Mind programming originates from neural activity - genetics - soul.
Mind Programming Explained[2]
• predictive programming definition: inciting an action that causes a predicted reaction
• anchoring definition: the development of mind programming foundations
• trigger definition: strong reactionary mind programming related to a particular premise
• occult neuro-linguistic programming definition: the mind programming tied to language
• association - associative programming (e.g. guilt by association, discrediting by association)
• rationalization: as seen with the intelligence community "cover story"
• belief - beliefs are tied to the mind programming matrix - the mind matrix often serves
notions that align with one’s beliefs. beliefs are a prioritized focus of the shadow government
• conditioning - establishing & strengthening neural pathways through repetition
• projection - People perceive aspects of themselves in others
• perception - Mark Passio: Perception is not objective reality - our job is to align the two[3]
• mind programming is universal to consciousness: all living beings have mind programming
• mind programming can be positive or negative
• Every different conceived thought has programming related to it - the natural laws of the mind
• people who have been firmly programmed with deception often have no capability to see reason in a conflicting point of view - character flaws enhance programming susceptibility
programming trinary: neural - genetic - soulular

RF Weaponry definition
Radio frequency directed energy weapons aka microwave weaponry.
* invisible application
* silent
* speed of light
* requires no medium (can be beamed from space)
* unlimited firepower (with an electrical power source)
* neuroweaponry (e.g. thought insertion, forcible mind control, brain-computer interface impersonation)
* microwave warfare (e.g. slow kill & fast kill)

Psychological Operation definition
Planned operations with focuses in belief and behavioral modification.
Sentence: "grievous psychological operations manipulate public opinion"

Information Warfare definition
The use of information as a strategy in warfare (often deceptively).
Sentence: "disinformation is concocted as a stratagem to cover up war crimes"
* information warfare black ops are covertly applied via neuroweaponry and designed with a foundation of plausible deniability
* superior mind programming knowledge is weaponized in highly criminal political information warfare
* covert technology pervades international society in the modern age

Psychological Warfare definition
Warfare directed at the psyche of the enemy
Sentence: "psychological warfare is deployed by governments in
a treasonous fashion against domestic populations"
* black ops psychological warfare is often highly illegal subterfuge
* white hat psychological warfare can involve the prevention of military conflict via psychological means

Cover Story definition
A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth.
A typical cover story design is a rational illusion promoted to obscure the source of an action.
Sentence: "there are new age cover stories for literally all operational black project technology"

Cover Up definition
A process of eliminating awareness of actions (usually criminal).
A cover up is standard procedure for covert operations.

Disinformation definition
Intentional deception with false information.
Sentence: "the CIA serially engages in disinformation based psychological warfare."

Misinformation definition
Unintentionally inaccurate information.

Shadow Government definition
An international syndicate of ruling class war criminals covertly in control of the world.

Deep State definition
A high society of unelected conspirators intertwined with government.
Sentence: "the deep state monetarily gains from government contract chronyism"

Secret Society definition
A network or order of individuals secretly serving common goals.
* conspiracy is a tenet of secret societies
* the international intelligence community is steeped in secret society collusion
* military cybernetic networks exist in collusion with secret societies
* secret societies are entrenched in occultism & militaristic control
* occultists covertly control governments - neuroscience technology is used

Sentence: "the most powerful secret societies have had cybernetic networks since the 20th century"
[1]: Mark Passio - De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult - (
[2]: Mind Programming segment adapted from a slide in the film - The New Age Belief System: New World Order Religion
[3]: "New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine - Extended Video Podcast Edition - (

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